Escape Room (VIP)

Your VIP event-ticket entitles you to enter our escape room experience, especially created for Flashback 20/20. An enthralling storyline, cool puzzles, great special effects and a fun experience using real 80’s computer gear. Not a VIP ticket owner? Don’t worry, we will raffle of some exclusive tickets to this experience. You might even try to solve the mysteries of this room with the help of a celebrity guest!


Hipster Inc. needs your help! This start-up has recently acquired all the Commodore assets, including an old abandoned office. They could care less about all the hardware they found, what they need is the brand name to use on a new electric car. However, they found a memo on the desk of the old office:

Dear Jack,
I have managed to sign the deal with Apple.
We now own all their stock. I have the written
agreement with Steve’s signature in my possession.
It is in an safe place. I hope this memo finds you in
good order. Please call Steve to close the deal.
Mike Allarjay

It seems this memo never reached Jack Tramiel, who of course never called Steve Jobs, who quickly regretted the deal and kept it silent. The rest is history. Shortly after this memo was written, Mike Allarjay went missing and no one has heard from him since.

Hipster Inc. took a good look at everything in the office, but being young and clueless about retro computers they have no idea what to do with it. Getting the ownership of Apple for almost peanuts would however be awesome (dude)! That’s why they need your help – old as you are. Impatient as this new generation is, you only get 15 minutes to find the agreement before the task goes to a new team.

The Room

In the room you will find a Commodore 64, a monitor, a printer, books, datassettes, disks, a vault and lots more. Before you enter the room, make sure you check the outside for clues that might help your search. Whatever those hipsters say, don’t use SCRUM. You will have no time left.

The Team

A team consists of 4 persons. No less, no more. This ensures that as many people as possible can enjoy the experience. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends and share the brainwork (or a new strain of virusses…)

Image courtesy of Escape Room NDSM Amsterdam


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