Event speakers and special guests

Our event wouldn’t be complete without some very special speakers and guests – more of which we will announce at regular intervals.

  • Billy Mitchell

    Gamer of the Century. Donkey Kong & Pac-man hero. King of Kong. Hot-sauce mogul. Does he even need an introduction?

  • RJ Mical

    Developed “Intuition”, the Amiga user interface system. Co-developed the Atari Lynx. Always smiling.

    Did we mention he may be bringing friends?

  • David Fox

    Former LucasArts employee. Created Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Worked on Maniac Mansion and most recently: Thimbleweed Park.

  • Al Lowe

    Who didn’t have an (illegal) copy of Leisure Suit Larry in the ’80s?

    Al created the most popular adult-themed adventure game series ever!

  • Dave Haynie

    Former Commodore chief engineer. (Co-) Developed the Amiga 3000. Author of The Deathbed Vigil, the famous movie about the last days at Commodore.

  • Noah Falstein

    Game designer who started his career at LucasArts and moved on to Dreamworks Interactive and the 3DO company. (Co-) Designed the Indiana Jones adventure games and Battlehawks 1942.

  • Annie Fox

    A (playable) character in Zak McKracken, but started her computer career way before that! Has written many games and books and is an expert on 21st century parenting – raising children in the digital age.

  • The 8-bit guy

    Has created a computer video series on YouTube that focuses on retro technology. Makes retro educational and does so for over 1 million subscribers!

  • Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG)

    Loves modern and loves retro. Has a YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers in which he demonstrates and discusses both.

  • Banjo Guy Ollie

    Bearded banjo player that has several YouTube channels that contain his banjo covers of classic games, the repairing of (old) computer hardware and computer-game related art. What’s not to love?


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