Without the below sponsors our event would not be possible. Interested in becoming a sponsor too? Contact us!

Us Media

Event partner

It’s not about us.

Our clients’ success – that’s what it’s all about. Together with them, we produce smart digital solutions: web applications, smart business tools and online platforms. Transparent, structured and always setting the bar high.


Studio Zipf

Event partner


A-EON Technology

Gold level sponsor

A-EON Technology Ltd is headquartered in Cardiff, UK and was established to help fund hardware and software development for the benefit of the whole Amiga community.

The past: our founders have a long history and tradition with Commodore and Amiga computers stretching back to 1981. We are first and foremost Amiga enthusiasts and wish to continue the legacy and tradition of the ground breaking Amiga computer.

The present: our first product, the AmigaONE X1000 based on the PA Semi 1.8GHz dual core PowerPC CPU is the most powerful custom built “Next Generation” AmigaOS computer released to date.

The promise: we are interested in all “Amiga” flavours and, working with our hardware and software partners, look forward to delivering more exciting products in the future.


Gold level sponsor

A1200.net a team of designers, creators and overall Amigans, who had their first successful crowdfunding project in 2015, which resulted in the creation of Amiga 1200 replacement cases. Due to popular demand, these were (and still are) being ordered by retailers and distributed by resellers.

The Amiga 1200 replacement case project was successfully followed up by the new Amiga replacement keycaps and most recently a campaign for an Amiga 500 replacement case.

Their team are currently in the development phase of a new Amiga replacement keyboard and a complete mouse for the classic Amiga versions of which we will hopefully see more this summer!


Bronze level sponsor

As down to earth data driven technology and marketing agency we have a clear vision: to invest in new things and make our products, ideas and experiences every day – everything we do for clients – better than our best today. We serve the market with reliable software and services from Snakeware. We keep our clients’ sites successful in 21 available languages and in 19 countries. Data driven, Omnichannel, headless, API and Cloud are our standard.

In the Netherlands alone, we keep more than 64 million euros in revenue per year online. Since the start of our company in 1995, we have already received 25 awards.

Our growing team of digital rockstars are always in for partnerships to achieve data-driven marketing success together. Will we soon make a difference together with your organization and will we go for that coveted award?


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